Purpose: view the list(s) of characters currently online.
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? partly

1. who 1. who
2. who <world> 2. who triadcity
3. who all 3. who all


  1. Use form one to list the logins to your current World. "Current" means the one where you're standing.
  2. Use form two to specify the World to query.
  3. Use form three to list the entire Universe.

Form one respects the World boundary. It tells you who's with you in your current World.

Form two lets you check to see if friends are visiting other Worlds in the Universe.

Form three gets you everyone regardless of location.

Note that not every character will necessarily be displayed in the Who list. Some could be hiding, invisible, or affected in other ways which prevent them from appearing.

Note the command is partly enabled for "natural language" parsing, meaning you can use several variations of form one and still be understood. "Show me who's on", "tell me who's here", "tell me who's playing", "who's on?", "who" and many others will all do fine. The NLP though hasn't yet been updated for "tell me who's in midgaard". Real Soon Now.

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