Purpose: enter a deep state of mystical consciousness.
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? yes

1. trance 1. trance


  1. Use Trance to enter a deep state of mystical consciousness.

Unlike Meditate, Trance is such a deep state of mystical concentration that one loses awareness of one's physical surroundings and condition. It's thus important to enter a Trance state only in a highly secure location, for example your locked Player House, because you'll be entirely defenseless from physical attack for at least the first couple of rounds of violence.

Trance is necessary preparation for mystical states of Astral Projection — states in which your consciousness leaves your body, to be directed where you send it. It's one link in the chain of ritual magic, which includes preconditions to Trance, while Trance is itself a precondition for further ritual.

The sequence is:
Meditate -->
RitualClean -->
DrawMagicCircle -->
Trance -->
AstralProject -->
AstralLook -->
AstralMove -->
and so on.

Naturally, you'll need the appropriate Skills for each of these steps.

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