Purpose: encourage (bribe) an official to reduce a prison sentence.
Synonyms: none

1. gratuity 1. gratuity
2. gratuity <number> <recipient> 2. gratuity 250 Judge Roy Bean


  1. Use form one to be shown a list of all officials who will current accept your gratuity.
  2. Use form two to transfer funds from your bank account to that of the selected official.

Gratuity is specific to the NorthEast Third. To use the command you must be in a jail cell in NorthEast; and only officials of NorthEast will accept Gratuities. Fortunately the cells in NorthEast all thoughtfully include Automatic Teller Machines, for this purpose.

When you give a Gratuity to an official, the official reduces your sentence by some number of days. Use form one of the command to be shown a list of which officials are available, and what they will charge you per day.

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