Purpose: draw a magic circle on the ground.
Synonyms: mcircle
NLP Enabled? yes

1. drawmagiccircle 1. drawmagiccircle
2. mcircle 2. mcircle


  1. Use form one to draw a magical protective circle on the ground.
  2. Use form two to save typing.

In magical ritual the circle defines a protected space. DrawMagicCircle is often a necessary step enabling further actions.

Magic circles have short lives. It's rare for their effectiveness to last more than a few hours. Usually practitioners draw new ones at the beginning of each ritual.

Before a circle can be drawn it's necessary to prepare the room. RitualClean must be used first.

There are many conditions which could prevent you from being able to draw a magic circle. You may be too tired, the room may not be ready, etc. The Game channel will inform you of the outcome of your command.

Because the command is enabled for "natural language" parsing, you can use many variations and still be understood. "Draw a magic circle", "draw magic circle", "draw the magic circle", and "drawmagiccircle" will all do fine.

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