Purpose: draw a magic circle on the ground.
Synonyms: drawmagiccircle
NLP Enabled? no

1. mcircle 1. mcircle
2. drawmagiccircle 2. drawmagiccircle


  1. Use form one to draw a magical protective circle on the ground.
  2. Use form two if you enjoy typing.

In magical ritual the circle defines a protected space. Mcircle is often a necessary step enabling further actions.

Magic circles have short lives. It's rare for their effectiveness to last more than a few hours. Usually practitioners draw new ones at the beginning of each ritual.

Before a circle can be drawn it's necessary to prepare the room. RitualClean must be used first.

There are many conditions which could prevent you from being able to draw a magic circle. You may be too tired, the room may not be ready, etc. The Game channel will inform you of the outcome of your command.

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