Purpose: spiritually travel the Astral Plane to another location in the World.
Synonyms: ap

1. astralproject 1. astralproject
2. astralproject <destination> 2. astralproject temple
3. astralproject <person> 3. astralproject poobah


  1. Use form one to query the available destinations for astral projecting. The command will output a list of well-known landmarks, from which you can choose your target.
  2. Use form two to project your disembodied consciousness to a geographical landmark near where you'd like it to go. From there, you'll use the astrallook and astralmove commands to navigate.
  3. Use form three to project your disembodied consciousness to the same location as a person you name. Be careful with this. You'll tend to want to use it to project to where a player is, with a unique name, rather than to an NPC which may have multiple instances anywhere in the World. Take that warning seriously.

Astral projection is an advanced form of magic which implies great opportunities as well as significant risks. You can use it to assist teammates in group exploration or combat; or you can just lone wolf around the World spying out its secrets. You can use it to enter locked Rooms by simply passing through the doors, locked or guarded or not. Be aware, though: the Astral Plane is inhabited. You may encounter entities who will help you, or others who — won't. While your projected consciousness is noncorporeal, your character can be injured or killed by beings it encounters.

Astral projection requires truly impressive quantities of energy. 200 points if you succeed; 50 if you fail. It's equally impressively exhausting to move around in a projected state. The higher your energy reserves the longer you'll be able to continue. Once you become tired, your Trance state will end.

Astral projection is a form of ritual magic. There are several preconditions to achieving projection. The sequence is:
Meditate -->
RitualClean -->
DrawMagicCircle -->
Trance -->
AstralProject -->
AstralLook -->
AstralMove -->
and so on.

Naturally, you'll need the appropriate Skills for each of these steps.

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