Purpose: move your astrally-projected consciousness into a room next to its current one.
Synonyms: am
NLP Enabled? no

1. astralmove <direction> 1. astralmove west
3. astralmove <abbreviated direction> 3. astralmove w


  1. Use form one to leave the room you're currently in, and enter one directly adjacent.
  2. Use form two to save unnecessary typing.

You've succeeded in AstralProjecting your consciousness somewhere into the World. Now you'll want to move around.

Unlike the non-mystical Move command, AstralMove has advantages and limitations. One advantage is ability to move through locked or guarded doors with no impediment. One disadvantage is the truly intense quantity of energy expended — 50 energy points per move. Bulk up first on those energy drinks.

Astral projection is a form of ritual magic. There are several preconditions to achieving projection. The sequence is:
Meditate -->
RitualClean -->
DrawMagicCircle -->
Trance -->
AstralProject -->
AstralLook -->
AstralMove -->
and so on.

Naturally, you'll need the appropriate Skills for each of these steps.

Because this command is not (yet) enabled for Natural Language Parsing, you'll have to use the command syntax specified above.

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