TriadCity Blogs

What We're Writing and Why

Our hyper-prolific authors and developers write blogs for all occasions. The kinds of blogs you can wear to a dance, or to work, or even a wedding if you're daring. The kinds of blogs you can take out for a night on the town and introduce to your parents. The kinds of blogs that combine that blog-next-door innocence with big-city-blog sophistication. The kinds of blogs that share some of the most valuable insights we've gained over many decades of collective experience.

  • The TriadCity Authors' Blog is written for academic specialists in digital narrative, and for authors interested in formal experimentation. We share our insights from 15 years deep engagement with the medium.

  • The TriadCity Developers' Blog is written for software architects and programmers working with virtual worlds. We share many of the techniques, design decisions and post-mortems of our two decades' experience with MUDs and virtual worlds, centering - duh - on TriadCity. TriadCity does some unique things among virtual worlds; here's how.

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