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Getting Started: managing energy

For your first few levels you'll find yourself needing to rest a lot.

This can be really irritating if you don't deal with it. Fortunately the solutions are simple. Here are several.

High-level Herbalists will make excellent herb sachets for you which greatly speed energy and health regen. If none are available, you can buy decent ones from the Herbalist in White Plaza. The ones players make are better, though.

Herb sachets wear out after a while. Happily, there are permanent supplements. One is to find equipment which boosts your max energy. One of the most popular of these is "anti-gravity energy shoes": they weigh nothing and raise your max energy while you wear them. These are not cheap: most newbies will find them too expensive to purchase. Fortunately, many high-level characters will give them to you.

When you level, you can increase your max energy by wearing cobalt at the moment you Bow to the King. You'll want practices too, so, many players balance cobalt with ruby. High-level characters will loan you individual items or entire eq kits to optimize your gains.

When you do need to rest, certain locations are better than others. The Temple of the King is a good one, as are any of the infirmaries or aid stations in NorthWest. Experienced players can help you find them.

Sleeping is better than Resting, but also dangerous if you sleep in the wrong place. While sleeping you're vulnerable to pickpockets, and in a very wrong place you might even be attacked. It's nearly always safe to sleep anywhere in NorthWest. In NorthEast or South, exercise caution.

Meditating is better than either Resting or Sleeping. Safety-wise it falls between Resting and Sleeping: you're generally more aware of your surroundings while Meditating than Sleeping; but you are in a seated position which could be trouble if attacked. As always, use good judgment.

Your very best option, though, is to let higher-level characters assist you. Herbalists love to make sachets for you — it's how they gain experience. Thieves love to steal equipment for you. Healers will Energize you. Make friends, be sociable! This is a central theme you'll find throughout this guide.

One of our veteran players has posted some truly excellent lore re managing energy in our Newbie Help forum. Def worth checking out.

We're so privileged to have you with us. Meet you in The City!

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