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Experience represents accumulated knowledge, lore, and skill, in a fairly abstract way. Using our GUI clients, the Experience tab will show you how much you've got. With a MUD client, type 'experience', or 'status'. This way if someone ever asks you "have you ever been experienced?" you can answer yes, to the exact quantity.

Your character automatically accumulates Experience as you interact with the TriadCity world. You can gain a lot of it by simply looking at things. The most significant source though is use of your Skills. If you're a Healer, for example, you gain Experience most rapidly by healing people.

Additional experience bonuses are applied automatically under specific circumstances. These bonuses can be significant. Click the link to see the current list.

Experience is a very central thing in TriadCity, because it determines when new Skills will become available to you, and what your subjective experience of the world will be. For instance, as you become more experienced, you'll find yourself seeing more details than you remember as you revisit familiar Rooms. Part of your goal as a player is to gain new Experience points all the time. As you become more familiar with TriadCity you'll begin to intuit how this is achieved.

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