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The TriadCity Players' Guide

Levels and Leveling

Levels are thresholds of experience and ability, represented in a quantified way. Higher levels are better.

For example, many Skills are available only to characters at or above a certain Level. As you gain Levels, more capabilities become available to you. And these are often more interesting than the basics available to all.

Your character rises to new Levels after accumulating some necessary quantity of Experience. Experience represents accumulated knowledge, lore, and skill, in a fairly abstract way. Your character automatically accumulates Experience as you interact with the Triad world. Experience is earned by exploring, and far more rapidly by using your Skills. Note that unlike conventional MUDs, level thresholds are different for each TriadCity character. That is, each character may reach, say, level 15 with a different total quantity of experience than other characters. This is one of many ways in which TriadCity characters are uniquely individualized.

Once you've accumulated the necessary Experience, there's a little ritual you have to perform in order to rise to the next Level. Go to the Temple of the King on Sanctuary Island, and bow to the statue there. A message announcing your accomplishment will be automatically broadcast to everyone listening to the Level channel.

You should note that attributes at the moment of leveling impact your character's growth. The higher your intelligence while leveling, the more Practices you'll receive. The higher your constitution, the more your max health and energy will increase. Many characters use special Items while leveling to increase the specific attributes they care about. There are other techniques as well. For suggestions, talk to experienced players, and check the Lore Bulletin Board.

Levels in TriadCity are unbounded. There's no upper limit to the level you can reach.

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