TriadCity Message of the Day

Special new Items are now online, intended to make it simpler and easier to change suits of clothes as the occasion requires. Known as "EQ Kits", they're able to contain exactly this mix of wearables:

  • 2x worn around neck
  • 1x worn around waist
  • 1x worn as shield
  • 2x worn in ear
  • 1x worn in nose
  • 1x worn on arms
  • 1x worn on back
  • 1x worn on body
  • 1x worn on face
  • 1x worn on feet
  • 4x worn on finger
  • 1x worn on hands
  • 1x worn on head
  • 1x worn on legs
  • 4x worn on wrist
  • 1x worn over all

Why's this worth telling you about? Because the Wear command has been tweaked to allow you to use a single command to perform a series of actions which previously had to be done separately and in an error-prone way. Simply "wear kit" and here's what you get. You'll take everything from the kit, remove the corresponding Items currently worn on your body, place the old Items into the kit, and wear the new Items in their place. Presto chango!

Handiness! When you level, there'll be no more searching through ten different bags and backpacks for the right mix of gear. Just bring your leveling kit with you to the Temple, "wear kit", and Bow to the statue. After your level is gained, just "wear kit" again to put your original stuff back on, and your leveling gear away. You can do the same thing with your learning kit, fighting kit, stealing kit, healing kit, and so on. Quite cool, we think.

EQ Kits don't include Items worn in pierced locations: pierced ears, nose, lip, navel, etc. Our assumption is that most people don't change these too often. If you believe we should rethink this, let us know.

It's not possible to specially name or designate the kits. But, it's not hard to keep them apart. Just be sure to "look in kit" and "look in 2.kit" to make sure you know which is which. Then "wear kit" or "wear 2.kit" as appropriate.

Kits are manufactured by The Kit and Kaboodle Corporation, with shops in each Third. Despite being a large, anonymous, inter-Third corporation, TKK Corp tries to remain sensitive to the political and cultural expectations of their customers. Thus, the kits they sell in White Plaza are manufactured by local cooperatives and collectives; while those available from their store in Black Plaza are made by slaves in the NorthEast Third. Bless their hearts.

During testing, we've found this feature to be quite handy. Have fun with it!

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