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Sick of that dopey old house you bought and can't manage to keep clean? Totally disgruntled by the various limits and constraints on its content? Hoping to make a major profit in a seller's market?

Great! Sell the thing.

The catchy new command SellHouse allows you to list your real estate on the market. Here are the caveats.

You have to be inside the house you want to list. There has to be the correct type of CityNet terminal or computer present, either in the Room or Held in your hand. And guess what? - we know this is radically conservative of us - so far to the right wing that we barely recognize ourselves - you have to be the owner of that particular house. Shuh.

What if the house didn't come with a CityNet terminal when you bought it? No worries, that'll be fixed shortly. Watch this space.

Read the SellHouse command for additional details.

To make it easier to follow current market trends, we've also added a new Houses command. That'll show you either your own current real holdings, or those of other characters you search for, including the price each house was bought for. Real estate being public information and all. So, none of that "I'll sell it to you for less than I paid for it" stuff.

NOTE that if you buy a house from another player, absolutely nothing is done automatically with the access control list. Maybe the previous owner cleared it before selling. Maybe not. You might want to check that before filling the place with your valuable loot.

There are a lot of complex state interactions with this feature, especially if you decide to get into buying and selling the same house over and over again to see if you can break something. We really worked at testing the snot out of it. Please Bug any glitches you encounter.

Use the bulletin boards for questions.

Happy profiteering!

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