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Server version introduces an additional restriction on saved Items. Items stored inside containers will now count against the total allowed in the Room.

To be pedantic about it, most Rooms will now have two separate limits:

First, a ceiling on the number of Items stored "on the floor", as it were. The standard number is 100 Items, of any kind. Some Rooms will hold more, others less; 100 is the most common number. These are the Items you see listed when you Look around a Room. The Items contained by the Room, not by other Items.

Second, a limit to how many Items can be contained inside these first 100. Most Rooms will allow a grand total of 200 Items, inside or outside of containers.

These restrictions serve a simple yet necessary purpose: saving the sanity of the database. Rooms holding multiple dozens of large containers each filled with dozens or even hundreds of Items are too large to fit into the db. Whoda thunk!

They also save the sanity of the game server, which has to hold all of these hoarded Items in memory.

This is still one heckuva lot of Items. A Player House with eight Rooms can store 1600 things. That's a lotta freakin' things. Unless you're an absolutely massive hoarder, you probably won't notice these limits anyway.

Note that hoarders with a bezillion-gillion saved Items won't lose any of their treasures. But, they won't be able to add new treasures to the ones they already have. Forcing them, we hope, to be a bit discriminating about what they choose to hang on to.

It's possible that these limits may need to be adjusted in the future. All depends on what y'all turn out to do with them. We'll keep ya posted.

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