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Beginning with server version, there will be a restriction on the number of items which can be saved in a single room between server reboots.

Many of you own player houses, rent inn rooms, or know of other game locations where items will be preserved when the server is restarted. Prior to version there's been no restriction on the number of things which can be saved. Due to database constraints, these rooms will now impose limits on the maximum number of items they'll agree to hold. If you fill the room to its maximum, you won't be able to add new items to it before first removing something else.

When is released, the standard limit will be 100 items per room. After a while, that limit will become somewhat customized, so that, for instance, player houses will hold more items than inn rooms. Stuff like that.

To get ready for the change, you should work through your treasure hordes, eliminating anything which isn't of real value to you. Sooner is probably better than later, so that you're not met with any nasty surprises.

Note that in addition to the limit on adding items, rooms which are over limit will be automatically pruned by the server when it boots. The server will cleverly remove items in order of value, so that items that are worth 0 Dinars will be removed before items worth 1 Dinar, and so on. The removed items aren't destroyed: they're sent to the Dump. They'll be there for anyone who wants them, including you, until the next server reboot. This will save you the effort of removing all those worthless leather belts you've got lying around. But, it might well remove items you'd want to keep. This is why you should do your own weeding first.

It'll be two-three weeks before goes online. So you've got time to sort your hordes. But, you might want to get to it sooner than later.

We'll remind you again before this change takes place.

Post a bulletin-board message if you have questions!

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