TriadCity Message of the Day

In previous efforts to cut down on hoarding of unused Items stockpiled forlornly inside Player Houses, the laws of physics have been subtly altered to place upper limits on the number of Items storable in any single Room or container.

Going one step further, Items stored in Player Houses now have a subtle chance of decaying — that is, being destroyed — over time.

By "subtle" we mean just likely enough to weed some of the more egregious hoards over the long run.

Examples of egregiousness: the ag crate filled with wooden shields; the thousands of blue business suits everywhere you look; the hundreds of firebreather bottles; the tens of thousands of sterile gauze bandages. As in, let's be serious.

The possibility of Item decay varies with value of the Item. The more expensive, the less likely.

The algorithm in use today means Items worth 100 Dinars will last an average of 50 RL days in storage. Those worth 1000 Dinars will probably last about a year and a half, and your 10,000 Dinar diamond helmets will likely be around ten years or longer. The odds are biased to discriminate against trivial, easy-to-replace Items of little value.

Premium Items, Displays, Containers, Herb Sachets, Infusers, LotteryTickets, Planters, and special (limited) Items are exempt. Herbs stored inside Containers are also exempt.

NOTE: be clear: this only applies to Items stashed away inside Player Houses. Stuff you carry around with you is exempt.

For you chronic hoarders who need to enter a 12-step-program: manipulating the system by creating a couple of hundred characters who can keep your detritus in inventory while logged out isn't in your interest. Keeping more than ten characters at a time will degrade the character stats and die rolls of all of your characters.

Most of you will notice absolutely no change whatsoever. The small handful of you who for whatever reason are filling your Player Houses with thousands and in some pathological cases tens of thousands of instances of the same, largely low-value Items will find them subtly disappearing over time. The Central Computer thanks you for your understanding.

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