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The TriadCity Players' Guide

Player Houses

Player Houses are private spaces within the game world which are owned by individual characters. They allow your characters to stash their possessions securely between server reboots, and they allow your characters to control their privacy when they want to, for example when performing ritual magic. Of course, you can also leave the door open and throw wild parties if that's your thing. Up to you.

You buy Player Houses from the Real Estate Listings in the Adventurer newspaper. Players Houses sell for Dinars, at prices appropriate to their size, location, and comfortability.

You can freely customize your Player Houses using the aptly-named Customize command. Customize lets you specify Room descriptions, smells, sounds, and descriptions looking north, east, south, west, up, and down. It costs one Reward Point to set each description. See the Customize command, linked to above, for details.

The door leading in to your Player House will open only for you. If you'd like to share your house with your friends, you can add them to an "access control list" using the ACL command.

Player Houses are, unsurprisingly, taxed. The annual tax varies by Third, with the NorthWestern Third, which tends to prioritize collective over individual property, being the most expensive. Taxes are not excessive: 1% in the South, 2% in NorthEast, 3% in NorthWest. They're based on the sale price of the house when you bought it, plus the combined value of all the contents you're storing inside. 1/360 of the annual tax is collected automatically every TriadCity day. You don't need to do anything, it's deducted from your bank account. This does mean you need to keep Dinars in your account. If your bank account is empty, an Item whose value best approximates the quantity of Dinars owed will be seized from your house. Eventually if no Items remain, the house itself will be seized by the Third and put back up for sale. It's up to you to ensure there are game bucks in the bank. If you plan to be away for a while, Transfer funds into the account of the character who owns your house; or sell the house to someone else. Otherwise you could loose your stuff.

Many Items for decorating or adding functionality to your house can be purchased with Reward Points. These include planters and grow lights for Herbalists, safes for storing your prized possessions, and a few bazillion others. Use the RewardPoints command for the current list.

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