Purpose: awaken from sleep.
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? yes

1. wake 1. wake


  1. Use Wake to awaken from sleep.

The Wake command places you in a sitting position, where you'll continue to regain energy at a lesser rate than while sleeping. You'll have to Stand before you can move to another room or perform certain other actions.

Certain conditions could prevent you from waking. For instance, you could be drugged; or you could be in a coma. As in all cases, the Game channel will inform you of the outcome of your command.

Like all changes in posture, waking will very likely cause your attributes to vary, particularly including dexterity and armor.

Because the command is enabled for "natural language" parsing, you can use several variations and still be understood. "Wake up", "awaken", and "wake" will all do fine.

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