Purpose: display a list of everything currently for sale by a merchant.
Synonyms: none
NLP Enabled? yes

1. list 1. list


  1. The List command will show you an inventory of all items currently offered for sale by a merchant.

List is unusual in TriadCity because its results are displayed in a graphical popup window. This window is both a list of available items, and your "shopping cart" — a display of the items you intend to buy. Double-click to add and item to or remove one from your cart. The window will keep a running display of the total cost of your purchase, as well as the funds you currently have available. Click the "Buy" button to complete your transaction.

Note that there must be a merchant in the room with you, for the List command to display anything.

Because the command is enabled for "natural language" parsing, you can use all kinds of variations and still be understood. "Show me what's for sale", "tell me what's for sale", "what can i buy?", "what's for sale?", "list", and many others will all do fine.

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