Midgaard is an emulation of old-school MUD Worlds from the 1990s. It runs on the TriadCity platform; but much of the World which players interact with was contributed back in the day by multiple authors at multiple times for multiple MUDs. This table lists the Zones available in our version of Midgaard, and their authors. Players may additionally use the 'Author' command in-game to learn the author of their current Zone. Many Zones have detailed explanatory signs inside their entrance Rooms; try typing 'look credits' or 'look info' to find out.

Zone Author(s)
AldinWelcor of CruelWorld MUD
ArachnosMahatma of HexOynx
Asylum For The InsaneDuluth
CampusMatrix & The Wandering Bard of C.A.W.
Cardinal Wizards{unatrributed} (Daiko??)
Chessboard of MidgaardExxon of SillyMUD
CircusWolfgar, Arina
Dragon ChasmGuldane
Dragon Plains{unattributed}
Drow CityRorschach of Alfa
Dwarven KingdomDepeche of DikuMud
Dwarven Mines{unattributed}
Dwarven Trade RouteWelcor of CruelWorld MUD
Elven WoodsGbetz
Forest of KhanjarMethem
Southern DesertFreak
Froboz Fun Factory of DoomAmanda Eterniale of C.A.W.
Gibberling CaveTanto
God Simplex (bulletin boards)CircleMUD, modified by Taz of Tazmania
Great Eastern DesertRorschach of Alfa
Great Eastern SeaKatniss, Flonase, and Poobah for Midgaard
Great Northern SeaKatniss, Flonase, and Poobah for Midgaard
Great PyramidAndersen of HexOynx; modified by Furry of VieMUD
Great Southern SeaKatniss, Flonase, and Poobah for Midgaard
Great Western SeaKatniss, Flonase, and Poobah for Midgaard
Haon-Dor ForestQuifael of DikuMud; modified by Derkhil of CircleMUD
Haunted HouseMatt
High Tower Of SorcerySkylar of SillyMUD; modified by Furry of VieMUD
Jareth [continent — 25 zones]Kaan
King Welmar's CastlePjotr and Sapowox of CircleMUD; modified by Furry of VieMUD
Miden'NirCopper II of DikuMUD; rewritten for MercMUD by VampLestat; modified by Furry of VieMUD
Midgaard CityDikuMud
Monastery OmegaPolar
MoriaRedferne of DikuMud; modified by Furry of VieMUD
New SpartaNaved
New ThalosDuke and Conner of SillyMud; modified by Furry of VieMUD
Newbie GraveyardJojen
Newbie TreeKaan for Dibrova
Newbie ZoneMaynard of StrangeMUD
Northern HighwayRumble
Old ThalosRorschach of Alfa
Orc EnclaveBuilder_5 & Serene of C.A.W.
Rand's TowerAmanda Eterniale of C.A.W.
Realms of IuelRumble Santa
Redferne's ResidenceRedferne of DikuMud; modified by Cyron of VieMud
River Island of MinosMahatma of HexOynx
RomeOnivel of JediMUD
SewersRedferne of DikuMud
SmurfvilleBrett Lynns and Andy McLeod
Snowy HillsCrazyman (Heiach)
South Road{unattributed} (Nivan??)
South PassCrysanthia
Spider SwampDetta
Straight PathSteppin of ChicagoMUD
SundhavenMercy of ExileMUD
Temple of the BullArten/Talisman of GenericMUD (Bill Pelletier)
Three Of SwordsAmanda Eterniale & Builder_5 of C.A.W.
Werith's WayhouseBuilder_5 of C.A.W.
Western HighwayTalandra, Rumble
Wyvern CityBalme

The TriadCity World platform — the computer programming which makes it all work — is written by us at SmartMonsters.

Most of these zones are available online, where their authors have generously offered them to the world. We've altered them to suit our purposes, for example by fixing typos and spelling mistakes, adding linking rooms, and in some instances re-writing them from the ground up. If you're the author of any of these and you're uncomfortable with us using your work, please write to and we'll either convince you we're cool or we'll stop using it. We really are cool, though. We derive zero income from Midgaard, in fact it costs us to keep the lights on. We do it for love of the medium, and to preserve something of its creative history.