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The TriadCity Players' Guide

Getting Started

Getting up to speed with your first TriadCity character can be intimidating, granted the environment is complex and there are so many options.

Once you get the hang of it, things are straightforward. In fact, an experienced player can take a new character from level one to level ten in two or three hours.

These are suggestions for how to bring your first character up to the important milestone of level ten, along with some general tips for newbies. There are more tips in the FAQ, and, of course, this entire Guide is intended for you.

At Level One

Keep in mind that until level ten your character is essentially an apprentice, learning to navigate the World and the commands. So don't stress things like money or fancy gear. Unlike other MUDs you may have played, you really don't need these things at first. Everything you need grows on trees, or waits for you in the Donation Room on Sanctuary Island.

Let's get you to level two. There's more than enough experience available from simply exploring Sanctuary Island to get you there. Look at everything, including the subtle suggestions in the descriptions you read. For example, at the Origin Stone, if you 'look west' the description is:

An archway of stones supported by oaken beams leads inside an
elaborate domed building of ornate glass and wood.
People in robes sometimes wander in or out.
Above the arch an inscription is carved into the stones.

Follow up on that by reading the inscription: 'look inscription'. You'll gain 3 exp for that. There are 3 more for looking at the Origin Stone, 3 for the Monk, and 3 for the welcome sign.

Try performing every reasonable action. Pick a fruit or nut from each tree: 3 points each. Get an Item from one of the Donation Room tables: 12 points. You need to gain 100 exp to reach level two: there are 134 points on SI from simply looking and getting — not including looking at the characters who are continually passing through, or the subway station.

If you're using one of our clients, your exp and exp to level are displayed. MUD clients, use the 'status' command or built-in 'score' alias. The game will inform you when you're ready to level, but it's good to monitor your stats frequently.

When you've acquired those 100 points, go to the Temple and Bow to the statue of the King. Woo hoo! You're now level two. You'll need to perform this little ritual there at the Temple for every level you gain.

The purpose of this first level is to get you acclimated to the basic commands and the mechanics of character maintenance. Hungry? Pick and Eat an apple. Thirsty? Drink from the fountain. Naked? Wear the robe which the Monk gives you. Get a bag and water bottle from the Donation Room. Fill the bottle from the Fountain; Put some fruit in the bag. Sleep when you run out of energy. When you're done with Sanctuary Island you'll have the basics mastered.

Most importantly, Ask questions of more experienced players. The culture of TriadCity is extremely welcoming. Any experienced player will be happy to help you. If there's no-one available, the Help robot can answer basic questions.

At Level Two

Go west. The NorthWestern Third is safe for newbies. Eat food from the trees, drink from water fountains or your bottle. Sleep in the Park. Learn the geography of the Park and the White Plaza. Go to the Plaza during daylight when the shops are open; List each of the merchants for 6 exp apiece. Come back to the Temple and Bow to the King when you've reached your level.

Don't worry about money, you don't need it yet. DON'T ATTACK ANYTHING — a pigeon will kill you at level two. Focus on NorthWest right now, you'll get to the rest of the City when you're ready.

At Level Three

Find and climb the Tree of Life. Look at everything. There's enough exp there for level four. If you don't find it all, don't worry. Go next door to the Children's Pirate Ship, explore there and be certain to Look at each of the exhibits. There's your next level. Between these two locations you'll learn quite a lot about the culture of the NorthWestern third — and by implication NorthEast as well.

At Level Four

Well — you really have gotten the hang of things by now. Take your choice, then. Continue exploring, let the exp come organically as you build your mental map of the geography. Or if you're in a hurry to get to level ten to start taking on Roles, just blow all the way west down Washington Street to TelGar's expansive Vineyard, where looking at each of the signs will rain exp. Or check out the shops and the rebel culture in Merchant City. Or go over the Gray Bridge into the Southern Third. Steer clear of Vampires and you'll be fine.

Levels Five Through Nine

As you gain levels, it becomes more safe to explore the City center. There may be pickpockets in the Park NorthEast or the Black Plaza, but, since you're not carrying money or fancy gear, not to worry. Learn where the merchants are, and the Cop Bots and the Stormtroopers, while making plans for the Roles you intend to acquire. If somebody named Francois Prelati wanders into the Room with you, hightail it elsewhere: he's a high-level Malopath who'll eat your Energy for lunch. It may be wise to first Learn the Parry and Flee Skills, just for maximum safety. DON'T ATTACK THINGS. You're not ready.

Level Ten and Up

Now comes the advanced stuff. Choose your Roles, Learn the Skills, go to town.

Start focusing on money, on higher-level equipment. Become a Thief, or Malopath, or Healer, or combinations of whichever Roles interest you. As you do, your character becomes entirely unique, with capabilities and attributes which differ subtly or radically from everyone else.

From level ten, you may or may not begin to see the World change in subtle or not subtle ways. How each character perceives the World comes to depend increasingly on its individual mix of Skills and character histories. Room descriptions will literally change. Or not. Depends on the character, and the intention of World authors.

At level ten you may choose to adopt a non-Neutral moral alignment. This decision has far-reaching consequences for what Roles you can assume, what equipment you can use, sometimes even where you'll be able to go inside the City. Certainly it determines which characters will approve of you, or not. Evil in general and Malopaths in particular are not typically welcomed in NorthWest. Similarly Good and Liberators in NorthEast. Entirely up to you.

Simply exploring and Looking at things will no longer efficiently earn you more levels. At level ten you transition to using your Skills as the primary way to gain experience and money. The rapidity with which both can be accumulated using advanced Skills may greatly surprise brand new players. A couple of days before this was written, we watched a level seventeen Thief earn 2,000 exp and 3,000 Dinars in about ten minutes. Skills are the heart of the TriadCity player's universe.


Read this Guide! It's a firehose of useful info.

Ask other players. Everyone will help.

Explore! Sometimes the best way to figure something out is to experience it for yourself.

Welcome to TriadCity!

We're so privileged to have you with us. Meet you in The City!

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