TriadCity Message of the Day

SmartMonsters finally has a proper Reward Points feature.

Reward Points are a way of thanking you for helping to grow TriadCity and, in future, new games published by SmartMonsters. You can spend them in-game to restore energy and health, eliminate hunger or thirst, buy Dinars or Practices - and even buy yourself an emergency Torch. There'll be more perks in time, including premium Items, Roles, houses, and business available only via Reward Points. Watch this space.

Reward points are earned out-of-game for referring friends to SmartMonsters. You'll automatically earn Reward Points as your referred friends develop their characters. Each time any character created by a friend you've referred gains a Level, you'll receive Reward Points equal to the Level gained. That is, when a friend's character reaches level 5 you'll receive 5 Reward Points; at level 20, 20 points. Multiply this by the number of friends you bring into the game, and it can become a pretty attractive source of spiffage.

Other ways to acquire RPs are coming. Stay tuned.

Reward Points can be used by any of your TriadCity characters. Use the intuitively-named rewardpoints command to see how many you've accumulated, or to redeem them any time you like.

Thank you!

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