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The TriadCity Players' Guide


Characters are what the game is about. They're the fictional personae projected by other players, or, in many cases, by the TriadCity programming code. Here's something about the three main flavors:

  1. Players are other people just like you, marching their characters around having adventures and, we hope, having fun. There's a human being at a keyboard somewhere driving them, and naturally they'll be far more responsive to chat with. And hopefully more intelligent.
  2. Mobiles are traditional MUD-style automata. TriadCity is crawling with them, from pigeons and flies to cops, shoppers, criminals, merchants, teachers, monks, and quite a lot of characters out of books. Just stand still for a minute or two and you'll probably interact with half a dozen of them. Our Mobiles are already far more intelligent than traditional MUD beasties, and we're refining them all the time. Look around, you'll see what we mean.
  3. Bots are complex external programs which connect to the TriadCity world as if they were Players. But, they're not, they're advanced Mobiles. We use bots for purposes of quality assurance; and we'll enrich the play environment with increasingly rich chatterbots and other critters which mimic intelligent speech and other human-like behaviors.

When you're logged in, you're required to remain in character at all times insofar as other Players can interact with you. That is, if you want to have private chats with your work colleagues from around the world, feel free; just make sure it's private. In all public circumstances you must take the other characters seriously as individuals, and treat them with the appropriate respect. See our notes re role playing for more tips and tricks.

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