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How do I get money?

TriadCity privileges character Roles as primary sources of experience and income.

A skilled Thief can steal Items and money from Mobiles throughout the game world. Herbalists can sell remedies for wounds or fatigue. Healers can cure illnesses for a fee.

The most lucrative option by far is to contribute to the game world. Builders are Rewarded by players for the Zones they contribute. Television Writers get a Dinar every time a show they've written is broadcast — Poobah's stinkin' rich. Cartographers are also spiffed by players, as are Newspaper Reporters. Much of the TriadCity game world is contributed by players: your contributions are highly encouraged!

While these are the most remunerative income sources, petty commodity trade does exist. Many NPC merchants will buy items which you find, or steal, or plunder. An auction system allows you to sell to other players, who may be willing to pay more for hard-to-find items than many NPC merchants. Simply exploring and finding things to sell can provide a livable income for lower-level characters.

At the time of this writing, petty commodity production outside of Roles is not available in TriadCity. So, you can't simply whack a hillside with a pick for hours on end hoping to find gold ingots, which someone else can then smelter, and etc. And, you can't — yet — hire or indenture yourself to an employer. The latter will probably arrive when the game world is large enough. Not too sure about the former.

Killing NPCs to loot their corpses is not typically lucrative in TriadCity. Unlike Midgaard where NPCs are loaded, NPCs in TriadCity rarely carry large sums of cash. It's not really a great idea for you to do so, either. For one thing it's heavy! Carrying cash will limit your abilities in nearly every important endeavor. For another, there are lots of NPC pickpockets scattered around the world. Either way, you're not going to get rich in TriadCity by slaughtering the innocent. Or the guilty.

You can, though, kill NPCs and sell their carcases to the meat factory, near the cemetery in NorthEast. Anyone can do this, but there are also specific Roles providing a small boost in the purchase price. See Fido Hunter, Pigeon Hunter, and Rat Hunter. You'll have to be level 10 of course to apprentice to the Role. But you can kill and sell vermin any time.

Players can sell blood at several donation stations throughout the Southern Third. It pays a little, and you can do it every few TriadCity hours if you're so inclined. This this MOTD for details.

Note to newbies: small sums of coinage are simply lying around. Look inside of couches, under bushes, inside rusty old tin cans. Sometimes they're just sitting on the floor. These are small sums, but they'll get you going. Larger stocks of coins are inside treasure chests and other likely places throughout the game world. As your character grows, you'll find more and more of these.

Bug reports can provide lower-level characters with excellent livings. A world this size is full of typos and spelling mistakes. Wacky things can sometimes happen in the code. If your bug report is verified you may receive as much as 1000 Dinars depending on its severity. Typos or spelling glitches will usually net 50 or 100 game bucks; a code bug that impacts the world negatively will net more. Tips for excellence in bug reporting are here.

Lastly, you can buy game bucks with Reward Points. Because Reward Points accumulate when you do helpful things like recruiting friends, this free source of buckage can be lucrative. You can also buy Reward Points if you like and trade them for Dinars. We appreciate it when you do this! It helps us keep the lights on.

Newbies should also note that for characters under say level 10 ish, money isn't that crucial. Clothing and containers are free in the Donation Room on Sanctuary Island, fountains are everywhere, and food grows on trees. Fill a free bag with breadfruit, grab a free water bottle, and you're good to go. Higher-level players will loan you equipment for leveling. After level 10 you'll want specialized gear for the Roles you choose, but before then, don't sweat it.

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