TriadCity Message of the Day

Yesterday we announced the new MUD-like Zone "Junk Food Jungle", intended primarily for Warriors on lone-wolf missions to gain experience. Here's more re the "adaptive" opponents found there.

Adaptive opponents reset their attributes when combat begins. They automatically set their level, Skills, Strength, Dexterity and other values to be close to yours, but just a little lower. These opponents are not quite your identical equals - there's a built in bias in your favor. The goal is to create longer-lasting combats with greater experience per fight, where the odds remain very strong that you'll survive. Think of Worf's calisthenics program in the STNG holodeck: you face strenuous challenges, but not likely to be lethal.

Note carefully though: as with all combat in TriadCity, survival is never guaranteed. Despite your advantage, it's possible to be killed by adaptive opponents. The most likely cause would be being attacked by a second opponent immediately after a combat ends, before you have a chance to rest up. We really do recommend the buddy system for all TriadCity fighters: if possible, bring a friend who can engage any wanderers before they have a chance to jump you. Remember that unlike the MUD tradition, death in TC is permanent!

You maximize your advantages in several ways. First, ensure that your Skills are at their peak before fighting. Learn your weapon Skill, Parry, and Flee to the maximum possible, from the best Skill teacher you can find. Second, wield the best weapon available. Third, wear the best armor. This is straightforward advice - pretty traditional stuff! But do remember that going into combat without optimized Skills will create a penalty you really want to avoid.

Adaptive opponents will not attack if you're resting, sleeping, or meditating. The assumption is that if you're standing, you're looking for a fight. That's when they'll give you one.

Junk Food Jungle is the first of what will be many holodeck-like environments within the Southern Third. Called "Sagas", these are commercial entertainment venues developed by the Crystal Cavern Corporation, a high-profile enterprise in the tech-friendly South. They're a lot like contemporary theme parks. Except you could be killed. In that respect they're like the holodeck when the safeties fail. More details tomorrow.

Happy Halloween! Meet you in The City!

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