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Attack of the Giant 20-Foot Badass Potato Chip!

Run! Or fight! Maybe fighting's better! That's the point!

Junk Food Jungle is now online. One of the most traditionally MUD-like Zones we've ever written, Junk Food Jungle is essentially a hack-and-slash arena intended for lone wolf players or small groups seeking exp from combat. Wander the maze, fight and kill nasty critters: in this sense it's what you'd expect from an ordinary vanilla MUD.

Well - you know. We really don't do ordinary vanilla MUD. Nothing wrong with it! Just not our thing.

Here, the critters are adaptive to your level and Skills. They attempt to provide challenging combat opponents, by morphing into a somewhat less sophisticated version of your own attributes. Most of the time, you should find that combat here lasts more rounds than you're used to; and that you're pretty evenly matched with whatever you fight.

As with all violence in TriadCity, caution is in order. Your character can be killed here. The goal is for that to be very unlikely, provided you're careful. But, it is possible.

Some tips:

  • As always before engaging with violence, ensure that your Skills are at their peak. Learn at your current level, from the best Skill teacher available.
  • Ditto, ensure that your Equipment is the best you can access. Get your hitroll, damroll and armor as high as possible.
  • Ditto, ensure that your attributes are as high as you can make them be, especially Dexterity and Strength.
  • After each combat, immediately rest, sleep, or meditate. The critters here won't attack resting players. You're safe if you're not standing. Because the critters are aggressive, this is very important. You want to immediately heal up before something wanders in and jumps you while you're tired or dinged up. Particularly because these combats tend to last longer than most, you may find yourself too exhausted to respond to a fresh opponent. You may not be able to control this - there may be a fresh opponent in the Room when you kill the previous one, and if so, it'll jump you immediately. This is the risk you take. Even here, it's always better to have a group, so that your friends can attack anything that wanders in.

You're not exactly matched by these adapting opponents. We've built in bias in your favor. Provided you're prepared per the above, you're very very very likely to win each engagement. Not guaranteed. But likely.

The satire in Junk Food Jungle is straightforward - and autobiographical. Our author Poobah battles a lifelong junk food jones. Potato chips are his frequent downfall. Here, junk food of all descriptions grows on trees. And giant potato chips, cheese slices, tater tots and other Things That Are Bad For You will attack on sight. Cute, hey? In a metaphorical kinda way.

Junk Food Jungle is a "Saga", a type of commercial entertainment provided by The Crystal Cavern Corporation for your Warrioring enjoyment. We'll post more information about this here in the coming days.

Take the Blue Line train to City Zoo Station.

Meet you in The City!

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