TriadCity Message of the Day

Treasure Hunts are now online, taking the place of the once but not future "challenges" we once upon a time in a galaxy far far away liked but failed to automate.

Treasure Hunts are conceptually very simple. There's a Treasure Hunt Bot permanently present in the foyer of SmartMonsters' extremely modest offices off Silicon Alley in the Southern Third. Use the new TreasureHunt command to ask the bot to assign you one. When you find the Item assigned to you and Give it to the bot, it'll reward you experience and dinars. Pretty straight up.

Yah, you know. Sometimes.

The items you're assigned range from extremely common to pretty much impossible to find. Naturally you get higher spiffs if you go for the tougher ones. It's your choice: you can use the TreasureHunt command repeatedly until you're assigned one you know. Or you can accept a difficult one and set off in pursuit.

Note that the TreasureHunt command is unusual because it behaves differently in different contexts, without changing syntax. If you type "treasurehunt" and you're in the room with the bot, it'll assign you a new one. If you're not in the room with the bot but you do currently have one assigned, you'll be reminded what you're looking for. If you don't have one assigned, you'll be notified. So, the same command has a slightly different outcome, depending. Be careful not to use it if you're in the room with the bot and all you want to do is check your current assignment! We hope that's not confusing!

Treasure Hunts are a good way to pick up exp when you're near level. We think they're a good way to challenge your knowledge of The City. And we hope they're fun!

Right now there are about 100 different hunts available. We'll add more frequently, anyway until we run out of items to hunt for.

Use the fora to holler for help.

Have fun!

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