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The Capitoline Slum, perhaps TriadCity's most complexly articulated neighborhood to date, is open for adventuring.

Based, with not inconsiderable license, on the plebian slums of ancient Rome, Capitoline is a shadow world of thieves, beggars, sputtering fires, cripples, runaway slaves, mystery cults, and mysteries generally. Superficially a warren of twisting, dead-end alleyways, Capitoline hides a secret world of Mafia safe houses, revolutionary cells, Thieves' gardens, Daggers of Backstabbing and chests of Dinars, crowned at its summit by the golden Temple of Juno Moneta: the TriadCity Mint.

Capitoline is almost entirely lawless. Completely unguarded by CrimeNet, legends of nefarious criminal activity are persistent and insistent. Thefts, assaults, backstabbings, and murders are common. Intended for characters at Levels 15 - 20, Capitoline is not safe for lower-level characters. It might not be safe for levels 15 and up. We strongly urge caution:

  1. Travel in groups.
  2. Include at least one character in your group who's mastered the Rescue Skill.
  3. Get your See Skill as high as you can.
  4. Bring a light source.

We encourage you particularly NOT to disturb the locals' property, at least, not when there are locals about who are capable of intervening. Capitoliners are intensely twitchy about the Get, Open, Drag, Fill, Peek, or Steal commands being directed toward their personal possessions or the possessions of their households. Their intensity can reach terminal levels.

They're equally suspicious of Malopaths and Magicians. Using any Malopath command, or drawing a magic circle, is likely to get you immediately attacked.

Note that Capitoline is desperately short of water. Once upon a time, perhaps millenia ago, towering aqueducts brought the people water from distant sources. Today, the aqueducts are broken and burnt, lying in rubble in the alleyways, used as sources of stone for the walls of the houses. The Aediles will gratefully pay anyone who brings in water, using the Pour command to empty water vessels into special basins inside the nearly two dozen local temples. The more water you pour, the more you're automatically paid.

Capitoline is large: approximately 1,100 Rooms altogether, with perhaps 2,000 Mobiles at any given moment. There is a lot of experience to gain there - if you're careful, thorough, and intelligent.

You can enter Capitoline via the Porta Ratumenna, off of General Nguyen Ngoc Loan Boulevard in the NorthEast Third.

Don't settle for the obvious!

Stay alert!

Stay safe!

Have fun!

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