TriadCity Message of the Day

The City's powerful CityNet computer system is now coming online.

CityNet allows characters to access information about other characters, and about the City itself. For example, landlords or lenders can run background checks; historians can research digital archives; and everyday citizens can find lists of apartments for rent, or directions to obscure corners of the City. Rumor suggests it's even possible to converse directly with the Southern Third's fabled Central Computer, although we've never seen that ourselves.

Portions of CityNet have been available for some time. CrimeNet is already well known to the City's underworld. MUDMail is a more recent addition.

Note that not every computer is necessarily capable of accessing CityNet in its entirety. Some inexpensive terminals are simply email machines. You'll find these in obvious places such as cafes, smart bars, and so on. Others are more specialized. Some computers may allow the viewing of CrimeNet records, but not modification. Others may have more complete access.

Everyone should understand that potentially everything they do could end up archived within CityNet's apparently inexhaustible memory. It may be prudent to act accordingly.

More and more information will become available via CityNet over time. A list of CityNet-specific commands is in the Command Reference".

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