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"Neither trains, nor sleep, nor rooms of kites will strain us through trees, our upholstered drowns." Or something like that.

TriadCity's MUDMail system enables electronic mail from any CityNet computer anywhere within the City. You can send messages to any character, logged-in or not, for retrieval at any time.

Usage notes:

  • There has to be a CityNet computer present. All CityNet computers are fully interconnected, meaning, basically, they're all the same. Any will do.

  • Use the Mail command to check for new messages. The list is displayed in the new EMail tab of your player applet.

  • Use the Message command to compose a new message. You can write to any character.

  • Please delete messages when you're through with them. Undeleted messages will be saved by CityNet for 30 RL days, then automatically erased to save system space.

The system is extremely simple. You can create, reply to, and delete messages. There's no forwarding, message groups, address book, or messaging outside the City. Just enough to getcha going. As per usual, enhancements will happen over time.

E-mail if you have any questions.

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