TriadCity Message of the Day

CrimeNet is now online. This changes the lives of criminals considerably.

CrimeNet is a database of "illegal" events that take place throughout the City. Events are added to the database automatically, if they're detected in the presence of a CrimetNet bioscanner. There's currently no way to be removed from the database. In future, the Third authorities and others will be able to access CrimeNet to issue pardons, and so on.

Inclusion in the database opens a character to attack by the various police forces. It may also incline merchants to refuse to do business. This can make life pretty dicey for the unprepared.

This is not to say that life becomes impossible. There are safe areas such as Sanctuary Island where violence is not allowed. And, there are Skills such as Track which can locate police in nearby rooms. It is to say that life becomes different. You're now a hunted individual, permanently on the run. You may or may not enjoy that status.

All characters are thus strongly encouraged to think carefully about the consequence of criminal actions, particularly violence. The dangers now go beyond the outcomes of individual fights.

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