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Recently we announced the new MUD-like Zone "Junk Food Jungle", intended primarily for Warriors on lone-wolf missions to gain experience. The first of the "Crystal Cavern Sagas", it's the prototype for much of what commercial entertainment will look like in the Southern Third.

What's a Saga? It's pretty much the same idea as the Holodeck from STNG, except, we're using the decades-earlier version from Arthur C. Clarke's 1956 novel The City and The Stars. A Saga is a type of immersive virtual reality structured around specific plot elements or themes, intended either as entertainment or education.

TriadCity's Sagas are commercial enterprises offered by The Crystal Cavern Corporation. They're a lot like contemporary theme parks. Except you could be killed. In that respect they're like the holodeck when the safeties fail.

Their purpose in the game world is to provide MUD-like combat arenas adapted closely to the Skills and attributes of individual characters. When you enter a Saga, you'll find yourself faced by aggressive NPCs in the classical MUD tradition. But, these NPCs adapt to your level, dynamically becoming opponents that are tailored specifically to you. The goal is to provide a pretty well-matched combat that lasts several rounds - but where the odds of success are tilted in your favor. So, it's definitely dangerous: you could in fact lose. But the odds are with you. There are more details in yesterday's MOTD.

Future Sagas include "Angry Birds", an underground adventure where real-time Tweets from the Twitter feed fly like bats and you can blast the ones you don't like; "City Zoo", a collection of holographic beasties baggable big-game style; and what will probbaly become dozens more over time.

Meet you in The City!

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