TriadCity Message of the Day

The ace SmartMonsters development team - that'll be Mark, who isn't feeling too ace after the experience - is in the process of integrating TriadCity into Facebook as a fully Facebook-enabled experience.

If you're not a Facebook user, the impact on you will be exactly zip. Except, we hope, for an influx of additional players as TC is exposed to Facebook's enormo population.

If you are a Facebook user, there'll be an increasing number of benefits as time and development march ever onward. Time, anyway.

Right now, you can write arbitrary messages from your TriadCity characters to your Facebook Wall, using the new Facebook command. Additionally, a handful of significant game events will be automatically written to Facebook for you, including levels, conversions, new Roles, and - we hope this doesn't happen - the death of your character. You can control whether these events are posted or not via a new "Facebook" menu which appears on the Game window in the TC player applet.

In the future, you'll be able to share boosts, spiffs and special items with Facebook friends; enlist them in Facebook-centric leagues, unions, corporations and other groupings; and receive other benefits from Facebook-ish social role playing.

To get started, visit the TriadCity Profile page on Facebook. Click the "Go To Application" button on the left, below the TriadCity icon. Link your Facebook and SmartMonsters accounts - exactly the same as logging in to the SmartMonsters website - and off you go.

If you would, please do us the great favor of becoming a Facebook Fan of TriadCity. Look for the Fan button on the TriadCity Profile page. We appreciate it very much. We'll also be exceptionally grateful if you'll write a positive review of TriadCity on Facebook. Thanks indeed for helping to get the word out!

While we were at it we integrated several TC-isms as Facebook applications, including Dreams, Oscar, Marvin, PUNishment, and Death. Thanks for befriending them as well.

We may also integrate TriadCity into MySpace. Maybe. Eventually. After we've rested up from the effort required by Facebook. Around 2013. Maybe.

Please share your suggestions for ways in which TriadCity and Facebook can be interestingly melded. Thanks so much!

We hope this turns out to be interesting for everyone!

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