TriadCity Message of the Day

As part of our campaign to work ourselves to death bringing silliness into the world, TriadCity's massive cemetery now boasts quite a very large number of tombstones with tongue-in-cheek epitaphs. Quite a large number. A very, very, large number.

Now the good news even for those whose faces crack while laughing is that each of these headstones provides an experience reward, meaning the cemetery is now a fine place for collecting quite a very large number of experience points from exploration. Quite a large number. A very, very large number.

Be advised that the cemetery can be a strange and dangerous place to explore, especially at night, and especially if someone with a death wish has opened one or more graves. Explorers should not enter the graves. Now, you'd think that kind of thing would go without saying. But we've read the obituaries, so there you go. Adventurers who do wish to enter the graves are advised to group. We warned you.

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