TriadCity Message of the Day

Player dreams, long anticipated, are now online. Woo hoo! Simply sleep, and, maybe you'll dream.

In the same way that wisdom is required for effective meditation, intelligence is needed for happy dreaming. The higher your intelligence attribute, the more likely you are to dream, and the longer your dreams are likely to be.

As is the case with meditation, dreams result in small quantities of experience. And, they'll speed your health / energy regeneration.

Unlike meditation, some dreams can cause you to awaken involuntarily. This is not frequent, but you should be aware that if you're AFK while sleeping you may find when you return that you've been awoken.

Our Code Warriors have gone to great trouble to try to prevent dreaming from becoming repetitive. But, if you dream a lot, it's bound to happen. Dreaming is much like the rest of TriadCity: partly implemented. As time goes on, dreams will be less and less likely to repeat, and more varied dream experiences will be implemented.

Sweet dreams!

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