TriadCity Message of the Day

Ritual, a prerequisite of one of TriadCity's principle forms of magic, is currently being implemented. The first simple ritual-related commands are now online.

RitualClean prepares a room for ritual use by cleansing it of physical matter which might interfere. It's nearly always a necessary step enabling longer rituals. Ritual cleanliness is easily destroyed: pretty much any movement or other activity not directly associated with the ritual interferes with a state of ritual cleanliness. This is one reason why many practitioners conduct their work in private spaces.

DrawMagicCircle initiates a ritual by defining a protected space inside which the ritual will occur. It's a necessary enabling step required by many of the more advanced ritual commands yet to come.

Actuate activates latent potential within an item. One example is herb sachets. Before actuation, a sachet is just a bag of leaves. After actuation, it has the ability to impact character attributes, skills, and so on. Actuation "turns on" these abilities. Some people call this magic, others science.

These ritual-related commands are like building blocks. You use them in sequence to accomplish increasingly difficult and sophisticated "magical" actions. The three implemented today are the minimum necessary to enable the Herbalist Role. There will be many more implemented over time, allowing practitioners to realize more tasks at higher levels of accomplishment.

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