TriadCity Message of the Day

The database migration project is complete.

As we noted on the 13th, the upgrade was necessary to ensure that things are as stable as possible. The technology we've moved to is not quite as fast as what we'd used previously, but is considered to be extremely reliable. Most of the time the only difference you might notice is that login takes an extra quarter-second.

During the process we found that a small number of accounts have become disconnected from their Player Pages or certain of their TriadCity characters. There are about ten of these accounts out there, we think, and a couple have already been fixed. If you're not able to see your Player Page, or all of your TC characters, just shoot an email to and we'll fix it right up.

(Postscript, 5/28/03. We think we fixed all the unlinked accounts. Do shoot us an email if we think wrong.)

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