TriadCity Message of the Day

Our ace Code Warriors are eyeball-deep into upgrading the database technology on which the TriadCity world depends.

The upgrade is necessary to ensure that things are as stable as possible. The technology we've been using is very fast, and is easy for our programmers to work with, but has not proven to be 100% stable under stress. Frankly it hasn't been that bad: just one serious crash in three years of use. But, you know, that's not good enough. For this reason we're switching to an entirely different technology which has existed for many years and is extremely solid. (For you tech-heads: we're moving off of LDAP, onto SQL.)

The project has been underway for a couple of weeks and is about three-fourths complete. As of this moment, all of the game world except for player accounts has been moved, along with all of the Web site except for bulletin boards. The last pieces are the trickiest, because we have to be extremely careful to keep characters linked to the right player accounts, and keep the passwords hidden. When it's all complete we'll let you know.

This project is actually sexier than it may sound. The goal is to bullet-proof the code as we prepare to complete Beta testing and move into "real" production. When we're confident things are 100% solid, we'll serve up a pot of new features which has been stewing on the back burners. Don't forget to tell your friends. :-)

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