Frequently-Asked Questions

Will TriadCity always be free?

Yes. We're not fans of pay-for-play.

No limitations will ever be placed on anyone who chooses not to spend RL money in TriadCity.

Now. Please note that there are many Items and experiences which can be acquired only via Reward Points. Also, note that you're welcome indeed to buy Reward Points, and we're very grateful when you do. This is our only source of income to keep TriadCity online. But please be clear that Reward Points can be accumulated infinitely without ever spending RL money. They're given away as a thank you for helping out, for example by referring friends. And frequently they're simply given away.

Naturally, we appreciate it very much when you buy the things. That income helps keep the lights on. But, you're under no obligation, and you can play as long as you like with no limitations without ever spending a cent.

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