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Comedian Role

Comedians grow their characters by making people laugh.

Like other artistic types, Comedians advance via experience awarded to them by other players. The great thing for Comedians is that these rewards are automatic. Just laugh at something funny which a Comedian says; they'll receive a small spiff every time.

Comedians do have one unique attribute. They can earn experience in either or both of two ways. They can, of course, perform. If they're on a stage and someone laughs, they increase their exp. Or, they can contribute comedy scripts which will be executed by NPCs. This is really just a way to ensure that people are able to interact with their work: an NPC can be scheduled to perform a comedy routine at a certain time every day, without the Comedian who wrote the routine having to be present each time. The Comedian who did the writing receives the laughter spiff, not the NPC. Pretty cool.

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