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The City is spanned, and in many areas actively monitored, by a dense grid of interlinked computers, sensors, and electronic devices, all under the ultimate control of the Central Computer. In a seminal interview, the CC itself worded it this way: "Microwave ovens, thermostats, subway doors, elevator push-buttons: all of the usual friends with whom I enjoy conversing around the clock" can contribute data to the grid.

CityNet enables ubiquitous instant communication throughout the City. When you Chat, Tell, and so on, your words are forwarded by CityNet to the appropriate recipients. It's inevitably a universal storehouse of information about the City itself. By accessing the appropriate terminal you can ask it who owns a particular house, who's a wanted criminal, what beings a character has killed, and many other interesting factoids that are perhaps pertinent, perhaps not.

One portion of this vast network is known to locals as "CrimeNet". Actions which are considered criminal by the Third authorities are processed in real time at the moment they're detected, anywhere in the City. If CityNet detects a pocket being picked, that event may well result in arrest and trial.

Not every location is monitored by CrimeNet. The Third Authorities, particularly those of the NorthEastern Third, consider the expense prohibitive. Public areas including shops, theaters, stadiums and so on are generally believed to be monitored. Dark alleys, perhaps not so much. As with any city, vigilance, caution, and common sense are required.

Not every CityNet terminal allows access to all of CityNet's vast databases. Certain specific actions, such as those performed by Builders, CodeWarriors, TelevisionWriters, and other Roles require specialized terminals which will be found in appropriate places.

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