The TriadCity Players' Guide:
Zensekai's Maps

TriadCity's Cartographer, Zensekai, has produced a collection of wonderful maps. Please use them, and please be sure to reward him for his effort using the Reward boxes at the left side of each page.

Zensekai's description of use:

My maps are not for "hold your hand" use, they are made so you can have an easier time in TriadCity. You will still get lost (which is just true to nature), and you will still find secrets (there is not one secret on any of my maps... even the placing of Brass Plaques) for I feel if that a map that has "everything" your experience in TriadCity will not be as great. There is still plenty to explore! :-)
I feel that dinars and exp are equally important in TC, therefore I leave it up to you on how you reward my maps. If you still cant decide, feel free to give me half and half on each exp and dinar :-) Thank you for any and all spiffs, and in turn I will keep mapping and updating!

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