TriadCity Message of the Day

By player request, it's now possible to spend Reward Points to buy permanent boosts to base Attributes.

New variants of the RewardPoints command allow "rp charisma", "rp constitution", "rp dexterity", "rp intelligence", "rp strength", or "rp wisdom". Each use of one of these commands permanently raises the specified Attribute by one point.

There's an upper limit. As a first approximation, any character's combined base Attributes max out at a total of 50. They can be any combination, but that's the ceiling. We'll see how this works out in practice; there may be future tweaking. Watch this space.

Note we're talking base stats, here. These are the values when your character is naked and tattoo-less. You can raise each Attribute to infinity though judicious use of equipment, tattoos, nutrition, and other strategies.

Note lastly the new capabilities implied necessitate changes to certain features of the game world. There are challenges such as the Rat Kingdom or the Tree of Wealth which have been carefully calibrated for groups with specific skills. The possibility of Attribute-enhanced super-characters threatens to unbalance these challenges. These areas will be off-limits to those characters with enhanced base Attributes, as will Midgaard and Dungeon. The universe won't allow them to go there.

We hope you enjoy the new possibilities made possible by this enhancement. Let us know how it goes!

Meet you in the city!

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