TriadCity Message of the Day

We've moved to a new credit card processor which handles the backend blah blah when you buy Reward Points.

We formerly used PayPal, which is simple for y'all, but an obnoxiously moving target for us. After something like their fortieth breaking API change requiring rework on our part we've dumped 'em.

The new processor is Stripe, a well-regarded, secure, widely-used payment gateway which is comparatively easy for us to use while carefully guarding your privacy.

Please note that we don't keep your credit card info — and neither do Stripe. If you choose the "Remember me" option when buying, your card info is stored in your browser's secure storage sandbox where nobody evil can get at it.

In the hopefully not super distant future we'll add Amazon Payments, Venmo, and yes our nemesis PayPal to give you the fabulous spectrum of consumer choices we all take for granted here in the heart of the 21st Century.

Reward Points are TriadCity's only source of operating income. Thank you for buying early and buying often. We appreciate your support!

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