TriadCity Message of the Day

Update on the TriadCity talking UI.

With quite a lot of awesome testing by volunteers, the Chrome version is now working. This means the new client is no longer limited to Mac users, so, interested Windows folks, please have at it!

To make this happen we've had to work around a bug in Chrome, which prevents the text-to-speech system from reading texts longer than a few hundred characters. Our workaround solves this problem, but sometimes introduces a lag between sentences.

Also, Chrome's current implementation of text-to-speech allows incoming texts to stop the reader before it finishes. This might be frustrating when there are many users on with several chats happening: people chatting will interrupt the reading of room descriptions. Welcome to the bleeding edge of technology adoption!

Still, it does actually work, and, in our opinion and in the experience of testers so far, it's a more straightforward and less cumbersome experience than trying to get a conventional screen reader working with our HTML5 GUI.

If you're interested, please do check it out!

Meet you in The City!

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