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All characters, human and NPC, now have hair.

Well - you know. It was always implied that we all had hair. Now we explicitly do.

Every character has both a hair color and a hair style, configurable separately. Thus you can have your dirty blonde hair in a pony tail, your raven black hair in a beehive, your flaming red hair in a bowl cut, or whatever combination floats your wig.

By nature, nobody has a nice hair color or style. They're pretty much nondescript. Think dishwater-colored mop. Attractive hair colors and hair styles must be purchased, from appropriate vendors with the HairStylist Role. NPC HairStylists selling basic coifs are found about where you'd expect to find them. More interesting 'do's are, um, more interesting.

See, we're only gonna provide a dozen or so so-so colors and a couple dozen ho-hum styles. Any more will be up to y'all.

What the heck does that mean?

We'll tellya soon.

Meanwhile, NPCs around the world will get their hair colors little by little, as we get to them. As this is written there are over 1,000 NPCs to retrofit, so, you know. Little by little.

What do the new character descriptions look like, including hair colors? Here's our buddy Gina, University student and server at Cafe Gandolfi in Merchant City:

Graceful, tall, beautiful, very slightly crosseyed in a way which adds to her charm. Gina studies at the University, paying her modest rent serving tables at Cafe Gandolfi.
     Gina wears her medium-short golden blonde hair a silky pony tail.
     Gina wears a gold ear ring in her pierced ear.
     Gina wears a white dress shirt on her body.
     Gina wears a pair of practical canvas work shoes on her feet.
     Gina wears a pair of casual blue jeans on her legs.
     Gina has no visible tattoos.
     Gina is in excellent health.

Fetching, hey?

But wait! There's more!

Your hair grows, which, after all, is natural enough. This means that over time your short style, say that military butch you Warriors love, will become overgrown, thus no longer styled. Back to the mop. So that you'll have to get it styled again. Cool, hey?

Speed of hair growth depends largely on constitution, implying, you big burly tank-types are the first to turn into hippies. Ironic, that.

Question. We could do the same with eye colors. Should we?

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