TriadCity Message of the Day

A new and very sharp-looking HTML5 version of the TriadCity client is in development.

HTML5 is now the standard and, happily for us, includes new functionality enabling real-time gaming natively in the browser - no Applet or other plugins required.

This'll replace our crusty old Java applet, which, we gotta tellya, looks pretty seriously dinosaurish side-by-side.

This is an important thing to do right now, as our friends at Oracle have so effectively borked Java in the browser that it's really not possible to carry on. Once upon a time Java was the most secure thing about the Internet. No longer, and, the forest of associated security warnings makes it more than difficult to encourage new players to join and jump in.

The new client is written in JQuery, using HTML5 standard WebSockets for communication with the server. It looks super crisp, and seems to perform excellently. It's a complex beastie, so we'll be adding functionality and testing for at least a coupla more weeks. Watch this space!

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