TriadCity Message of the Day

Quick update on the massive project to retrofit "secondary descriptions", AKA nouns, throughout the virtual world.

"Secondary descriptions" are those detailed responses you're shown when you "zoom in" - ask for more info - on Room details. Example: the Room description is, "There are paintings on two walls." If you then "look walls", the secondary description might be, "Ordinary weathered pine, unfinished but well-made." Our world authors have set themselves the ambitious long-term goal of providing secondary descriptions for every noun in the world.

Now, note: this is one of those "In our copious spare time" kinda ambitions, so, you know, don't hold yer breath.

How far along are they?

Really quite far. Best estimate today is that around three-fifths of the world are complete. Maybe somewhat more.

Since the completed areas outnumber the incomplete, this is really just by way of letting you know there's nothing wrong if you ask for a secondary description and find that one doesn't yet exist. It's on the way, and will arrive sometime during somebody's lifetimes, hopefully ours.

Use the Fora for questions.


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