TriadCity Message of the Day

The SmartMonsters website now works with the "secure" https protocol.

This enables sales of Reward Points and potentially other happenin' goods directly from the site - a signficant improvement over the old email-based mechanism used before.

The only difference most of you will notice is that logging in to the site is now a two-step process. The little login box formerly at upper right of each page is gone, replaced by buttons for login or join. The login button takes you to a new page where you enter your creds. After that, everything's exactly the same.

We say "most of you", because those who connect to the Internet over high-latency channels such as satellites or dial-up will find performance to be slower than what you're used to. Fortunately there aren't too many of us in these circumstances. And, it's shouldn't be real bad. Shouldn't be any slower than connection to other all-https sites such as Facebook.

The https protocol encrypts traffic between your browser and our servers. It adds a degree of security by making it difficult for snoopers to eavesdrop on your browsing over public wireless connections, or unsecured connections at home. If you web surf from the library or your local Peet's, this extra protection is a good thing. If you do all your surfing from home it probably doesn't matter. Still - nice to have, hey? And required for credit card processing.

Setting this up has requird a lot of back-end changes, including different server software. As usual if anything seems messed up, bug it for spiffs. Thanks! Use the fora for questions.

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