TriadCity Message of the Day

Couple of super minor tweaks intended to help first-time visitors get started more easily:

- The login dialog box pops up automatically when you first load the applet. No need to hunt around for the login menu; just sticks it in your face. This'll only happen when the applet is first loaded; if you log out you'll have to find the menu yourself to get back in, just like before. We hope that this'll prove helpful for those who've just registered and are figuring out what to do.

- The timeout messages for not entering a command are tweaked for first-time users to point out where the command field is.

Coming shortly: a proper tutorial for first-timers. Watch this space.

Note also there's an experimental version of the client available which consolidates the traditional Game and Chat windows to a single window. This after feedback suggesting the two windows were difficult for some folks to manage. Been some aggravation getting the new version to fit happily into browser windows; hopefully that's all sorted. You'll find it toward the bottom of the usual Visit TriadCity page. Please have a look and use the bulletin boards to share your thoughts.


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